Pinching My Arm

I been a bit quiet about this but it happened so fast that I am still pinching my arm. Here we were in 2008, Kenneth Cosimo, Graham Lewis, and I posing for a ‘Where Everything Falls Out’ photo. 9 years later and our constellation comes round again.
This year is the 40th anniversary of the release of Pink Flag by legendary art-combo WIRE, which is celebrated with an extensive US tour and the release of the new album Silver / Lead. But before Edward Graham Lewis, singer, songwriter and bassist in Wire, packs his bags, Uppsala is honoured to have him play a concert at Uppsala Konst Museum in connection with the exhibition The Eternal Now by artist Jan Svenungsson. The first concert that Lewis gives in his home town of Uppsala in 30 years.16991560_10154071488555882_7915732541439317585_o

Klara Lewis, Pauline Svanerö and Alvaro Svanerö will perform along Edward Graham Lewis, as will Kenneth Cosimo and I. Us Weforians (Where Everything Falls Out) will play a short set, something old and something new.

In collaboration with Uppsala Concert & Congress
Location: Vasa Hall, Uppsala Konstmuseum
Free Admission


I am back! Here is my Sick Note..


My Father holding me.

Excused Absence? The last few years have been very difficult. A series of troubling and heartbreaking events. First, around 2010 I became very unwell, not knowing what was wrong, then after finally being diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia (an autoimmune disorder that can lead to serious complications), I begun the long road to recovery only to have my path broken again, by the sudden, unexpected death of my father, followed by a distasteful and questionable aftermath, which to some extent still is dragging on. Truth has been allowed to unfold into different versions, and justice seems to be nothing but a series of slaps in the face. Much salt has been sprinkled into wounds!

My father died on the 24th of August 2013, while I was in the process of moving the public wing of the M{ }esum into new premises. Instead, my mother and I found ourself on a long-haul flight to Thailand. A rush against the clock to make it in time for my fathers cremation, which we were about to gatecrash, uninvited, after finding out about it by pure chance.We arrived in monsoon whipped Bangkok, dazed, disorientated, jet lagged and grief-stricken, in a state of severe shock and utter dis-belief. Already inconsolable. Things were about to get worse.

The next day we managed to navigate our way to the temple-grounds with the help of an old friend of mine, Kaprice, a long time resident of Bangkok, only to discover that my father was given a ‘pauper’s cremation’ in Bangkok’s shantytown Klong Toey, the oldest and largest slum in Bangkok, home to 100,000 people crammed into one square kilometre  built on a swamp, (a three-metre-deep bed of sludge, rubbish and sewage bordered by the Chao Phraya River)  which against the backdrop of the intense and humid tropical heat of over-urbanized Bangkok, is accompanied with the putrefying odor of the city’s sewage system. Later I would find out that the temple (Klong Toey Nai) is best known for the cremation of dogs and other pets.


There were no guests, only my half siblings, my fathers estranged wife (i.e. my stepmother) and my fathers driver. The ”ceremony” (if one can call it that), took place in a small building with an incinerator, rushed and cheap, it was but an insult to the memory of my father, and together with my family’s mean-spirited and malicious attempts to keep me in the dark, was not only, at a time already full of sorrow and distress, extremely hurtful, unkind and offensive, but together with other turn of events and in combination with things my father confided in me shortly before he died, still leaves a lot of questions.

I have now set-aside over two-and-a-half years preoccupied by following leads, pursuing judicial inquires, comparing conflicting stories, uncovering missing information and collecting testimonies. My stepmother and I have also been embroiled in an ugly  dispute about my fathers Last Will and Testament, where she wanted an over 20 year old Last Will and Testament“, written during a time that my father and I had fallen out, to be followed instead of his last one, written in 2011. The whole thing  has left me feeling exhausted, depressed and  disillusioned. My art-practice has taken a back seat and I have turned into more of recluse than normal, not wanting to burden friends and acquaintances with the situation, but finding it almost impossible to think or talk about anything else, especially when new disclosures and exhumed facts only has served to increase my misgivings.

Having said that, come end of last year I woke up one day and felt that enough is enough. I wanted my life back, if only partly. I will continue to leave no stone unturned, and the wretched and murky story deserves to be told in full, which I intend do on another blog, SALT NOIR . However,  I can’t let myself continue being  all-consumed by this tragedy. It’s time to move on, and I am determined about picking up the pieces of my own life, where they were left, on the 24th of August 2013.

So it is with much excitement that I want to make an official announcement. I am  opening  a new space for the public wing of the M{ }esum , at a secret location in Berlin! Watch this space.

To be continued..


Platform Project @ Art Athina 4-7 of June 2015.

I am very happy to announce that I will participate in Platform Project @ Art Athina with The M{ }esum.  Platform Project is curated by Artemis Potamianou and will take place at Art Athina, International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens on 4-7 of June 2015.

About Platform Project

The Platforms Project @ Art Athina was started in 2013 with the aim of charting the artistic actions produced by collective initiatives of artists who decide to join forces in seeking solutions to art matters through what is known as platforms.

The 2013 and 2014 Platforms Projects @ Art Athina featured over 90 platforms with more than 1,000 artists, leading to unexpected instances of dialogue, symbiosis and collaboration. Through Platforms Project @ Art-Athina, most platforms formed friendships among them while, in addition to interpersonal relationships, many of them went on to exchange exhibitions, actions and artists. Thus an international network was formed by independent art spaces and groups which, based on the ‘unity is strength’ precept, have secured a distinct place on the international art scene without antagonizing the environment they are called upon to serve.

The 2015 Platforms Project @ Art-Athina is to present 48 important platforms / art group actions from 15 countries with over 700 artists, making up a programme that attempts to offer viewers an insider’s look into visual creation, into the aspect of chemistry and collaboration in artistic practice, without focusing on sales.

As in the two previous years, the art groups/platforms will have the opportunity to present an art project in a specific space —booth— so as to provide viewers with an experience of the way they work.

Artemis Potamianou

Participating Platforms:
8eleven Canada/ 9th Art Wave United Kingdom /A TRANS Germany /AMV Canada/ Artist in Residence Program, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph Canada/ artspirators – refuge project Greece/ Autobiography Systems Greece /Bang art now centre Canada / B’ PRINTMAKING STUDIO A.S.F.A. — TCA Greece / Turkey /Campus Novel Greece /Dada Da Academy Austria / DIENSTGEBÄUDE Art Space Zurich Switzerland /Ed Video Media Arts Centre Canada /EN – FLO Greece /EX-MÊKH The Netherlands / Extra-Muros France /fragment S United Kingdom / Korea /FRMK Greece /Galleri 54 Sweden /GALERIE UTOPIA Athens / Berlin Germany /grauzone temporary autonomous zone 2 Austria /Harrington Mill Studios United Kingdom /INCART Spain /IS-projects The Netherlands /kunstenaarsinitiatief |elders The Netherlands /LO AND BEHOLD Greece /LUBOMIROV-EASTON United Kingdom /Lustspiel Greece /MAISON MACA Greece /Margaris Foundation / les yper yper / Metapolis Greece /Museum of Forgetting Sweden /MUU Galleria Finland/ nature in love – one Greece / Turkey /Orizontas Gegonoton Greece/ OUT OF THE BOX INTERMEDIA United Kingdom /PNYX EQUINOX Greece /Provo Principles Greece /Rajataide ry / Gallery Rajatila Finland /Salon de Vortex Greece /SIMULACRUM Greece /SKOUZE3 Greece /STUDIOvisits Berlin Germany /The M{ }esum Germany /the Milena principle Belgium /The Symptom Projects Greece /Tupajumi foundation & HeavyMerryFinland The Netherlands /Wiener Art Foundation Austria

THE M{ }ESUM at Platform Project @ Art-Athina 16-19 May 2013

Coordinator : Artemis Potamianou

The objective of the project is to map artistic action as it is produced in the context of collective initiatives by artists who decide to join forces in seeking answers to artistic questions by creating the so-called platforms.

The project will help promote the various artists’ groups, collectives, platforms, artist-run spaces and independent art spaces of a non-commercial (non-profit) orientation which operate in unconventional ways, in Greece as well as abroad, managing to establish unexpected debates on art.

The artist-run platforms-group are given the opportunity to present an art project at a specific site—booth—and thus provide a picture of the independent art scene.

Platform Project @ Art Athina will present 45 platforms – artists’ initiatives from 16 countries with more than 500 artists.

The platforms come from: Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, France, Russia, Serbia.

Grosses Treffen 2013

Dear Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic,
We have the pleasure to inform you that you have been selected amongst 330 applicants to participate in Grosses Treffen portfolio speeddating on April 20th at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin. We have been able to invite about 1/6 of the applicants.
As you’ve applied, we expect you to be able to participate in the event and reserve the full day in Berlin on the 20th April, yet we kindly ask you to confirm your participation latest by the 9th of April by answering this mail. If not, we will have to offer your place to another artist.
During the day you will meet 5 reviewers, 15 minutes each. You’ll get the final schedule for the day by the 15th of April. But already now, we have some information about the event.
The day will start at 10.30 am in the foyer of the Nordic Embassies, Rauchstrasse 1, D-10787 Berlin. As the time plan will be quite tight, please respect the schedule and be present in time. The reviewing session will finish at around 16.30. Afterwards there will be a reception, where we would like to invite you to join.
There will be lunch at the embassy.
It is your own responsibility to arrange and pay for transportation and accommodation. If you come from out of town and travel by train or flight, we would like to know when you arrive to and depart from Berlin.
Please bring your portfolio printed out and prepare a small preparation of it in either English or German. But be aware that you only have 15 minutes by each reviewer. If needed, we also remind you to bring a computer (charged before the event) and contact cards.
We will send more information within a couple of weeks. But as already mentioned, please start planning your travel to and stay here in Berlin, and confirm that you will participate in Grosses Treffen by answering this mail before the 9th of April.
We’re very much looking forward to seeing you.
Best regards also on behalf of Solvej Ovesen, Kordula Fritze-Srbic,
Andreas Lundberg

Secret Wars: Opening Reception
Saturday, January 12, 7pm

Secret Wars, the second exhibition in Proteus Gowanus’ yearlong exploration of Battle, explores the cryptic ways of warfare waged behind the cloak of invisibility. From neurophysical conflict deep inside the human amygdala, to the broadcast signals used by spies and intelligence agencies, to the everyday observation of ordinary citizens by omniscient bureaucracies, Secret Wars reveals covert communications hiding in plain sight.

Curated by Proteus Gowanus co-creative director Tammy Pittman and anthropologist Thomas Ross Miller, the exhibition brings artists from New York, Amsterdam and Berlin to trace the gaps, silences, and blackouts that conceal vital and deadly knowledge.

Who controls secret information, and who has the power to understand it? How do we protect ourselves from unseen enemies? Who wins and who loses when the battle is unending and unknowable? Through art, artifacts, books, sound and surveillance, these installations render what is absent present and what is invisible visible. Inside a special room, mysterious and hypnotic short-wave radio messages in unbreakable codes are beamed to hidden spies. Lost treasures, occult symbols and predator drones appear and disappear, closely guarded enigmas shrouded in obscure and half-forgotten codes.

Artists and works include:

Front404 – PanoptICONS
Joy Garnett – Predator series
David Goren – “Atencion! Seis Siete Tres Siete Cero”: The Mystery of the Shortwave Numbers Stations
Nene Humphrey – Circling the Center
Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic – Did a Nose Launch a Thousand Ships? and Otophgraphs, fragments from The Mu{e}sum
Renée Ridgway – Revelation of the Concealed: Politics (in)form
Tony Stanzione – Safety First
Smudge Studio – TRANSCOM Room
Bryan M. Wilson – Canticle for Sebeok (Atomic Priesthood)
The Mildred Complex(ity) – Vestments for Ten Millennium (Atomic Priest Suit)

The Portable M{ }esum in New York

Sunday, January 13, 4pm

Swedish conceptual artist Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic invites you to contribute your nØbjects–things lost or missing–to the Portable M{ }esum. Only that which is lost or missing can enter the m{}esum. Your lost thing will be written down and archived on a gallery wall. (“There are many museums in the world, but only one muesum”). Join us! Wine will be served to jog the memory.

‘I am interested in the space between
the visible and the hidden, between the absent and the present, between the unspoken and the understood, between the forgotten and the remembered, between the emerging and the dissapearing, between permanence and change, between life and death, between art and life, and between you and me.’

The British Muesum February, 24 – March, 25 2012

T H E  M { } E S U M  | B E R L I N  is proud to present the first in a series of specially commissioned exhibitions: The British Muesum a group
show by international artists Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic, Hannah Murgatroyd and Atalya Laufer.

Private View
Friday, 24th February, 7-10 pm
Opening times by appointment

T H E M { } E S U M, Jonasstraße 31 12053 Berlin.

From missing masterpieces to the unpublished, unfinished and undone, the world’s most significant off-space to specialise above all in loss, unrealised possibilities and absence, known as n∅bjects* welcomes the historic, documented, memorable, renowned and infamous as well as the forgotten, unidentified, unsung, mundane and obscure.

‘Master-piece’ by Atalya Laufer (Israel) is an erected black and white paper totem. Hundreds of drawings she has done in recent years in the British Museum have resulted in a seemingly organically formed pole of crumpled sketches. Her own collection of the British Museum has finally found an emblematic and formless form.

In her poem ‘The British Museum’, Hannah Murgatroyd (UK) appropriates texts from the British Museum’s digitised archive of the ceramics collection of her forebear, the pre-Raphaelite painter, Henry Wallis. Interspersed with observation and recollection, the poem is a picturesque investigation into present and past – simultaneously tangible and metaphysical.

Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic (Sweden), the director/muesum attentant of T H E   M { } E S U M, will display an expanding  archive of British Muse/Mues -um n∅bjects* and parallel/interconnected/overlapping works in the making where the final product/s may (or may not) be ephemeral, left incomplete or not entirely known. Many n∅bjects* in the British Museum collection are disputed and lost from its original location and therefore also form part of the m{ }esum collection. Additionally, there are over 30 000 missing bits from The British Museum, from heads of sculptures and figurines, to mirror handles and pin heads. During The British Muesum her continuous exploration of m{ }esum issues will unfold, partially in front of the muesum visitor, for during opening times her ongoing work will take place in full view. She also invites the public to donate their own n∅bjects* to the permanent muesum archive, and to join her for daily afternoon tea.

London and its museums have played an important role in the lives of the three artists who now are completely or partially based in Berlin.

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