About Anna Livia

Anna Livia photographed by David Benham. London 2011

My art practice is grounded in a mixture of conscious and subconscious process, drawing on a variety of media where my choice of particular materials is arrived at in relation to the content. My work is often durational and project based where my longest undertaking ’This Too Shall Pass’ has been sustained for almost 10 years and will continue for the rest of my life.

I am interested in the space-in-between, the intersection of the visible and the hidden, between the absent and the present, between the emerging and the passing, between permanence and change, between the fragment and the whole, between the star and the hole, between nothing and infinity, and between you and me. Plus-minus and beyond.

The inevitability of death, our ultimate aloneness, the philosophy of the absurd, permanence in change, and the search for purpose in the absence of any obvious meaning or sense to life, are all themes that are close to my heart.

Sometimes I also do vocals and write lyrics under the alias Ana Dinextra. Music Projects include Where Everything Falls Out with musicians Kenneth Cosimo from The Institute of Highspeed Art, and Graham Lewis from legendary Wire.