Pinching My Arm

I been a bit quiet about this but it happened so fast that I am still pinching my arm. Here we were in 2008, Kenneth Cosimo, Graham Lewis, and I posing for a ‘Where Everything Falls Out’ photo. 9 years later and our constellation comes round again.
This year is the 40th anniversary of the release of Pink Flag by legendary art-combo WIRE, which is celebrated with an extensive US tour and the release of the new album Silver / Lead. But before Edward Graham Lewis, singer, songwriter and bassist in Wire, packs his bags, Uppsala is honoured to have him play a concert at Uppsala Konst Museum in connection with the exhibition The Eternal Now by artist Jan Svenungsson. The first concert that Lewis gives in his home town of Uppsala in 30 years.16991560_10154071488555882_7915732541439317585_o

Klara Lewis, Pauline Svanerö and Alvaro Svanerö will perform along Edward Graham Lewis, as will Kenneth Cosimo and I. Us Weforians (Where Everything Falls Out) will play a short set, something old and something new.

In collaboration with Uppsala Concert & Congress
Location: Vasa Hall, Uppsala Konstmuseum
Free Admission


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