Don’t Queue For Your Own Party.

Last night I dreamt that I was going to a big party. Queues were already forming with ‘beautiful’ people. The doormen were ruthless, people  worried if they would get in or not, but no one recognised me as I quietly waited in line, even though the event was hosted by myself. In fact no one gave me a second glance, and I begun to feel like an imposter and a fraud, so when the fashionable couple next to me told me to leave for the back entrance, I assumed their eagerness to get rid of me could only mean that my own presence would  lower their chances to get in. I became increasingly convinced that I was to uncool for my own party, left the queue and nervously  made my way to “try my luck” at the back door. To my big surprise, the doorman immediately let me in, no questions no queues.

I woke up with only one thought: I must stop queuing for my own party!



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